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My name is Joanne (aka: Chibi Joey!), and I am a New York based aspiring artist/ illustrator/ dancer/ psychologist/ human! 

I have been creating art since I first fell in love with Sonic the Hedgehog as a little girl and was inspired to start making my own comics and characters to fight off evil by his side. Learning to draw by looking through books and online art communities, I soon developed my own whimsical style! While I still love creating fanart that celebrates some of my favorite characters, my work has come to reflect some of my other passions (mainly psychology/mental health, dance, art, fitness, productivity, and personal growth), and I now love infusing my art with inspirational and motivational messages as a way of adding a bit of light to the world!

Instagram: @ chibijoey

Facebook: @ChibiJoeyArt


Youtube Channel:…

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